CIDOC is the International Committee for Documentation of ICOM. It is dedicated to documentation and management of information pertaining to all museum functions. The committee welcomes curators, librarians and information specialists interested in documentation, registration, collections management and computerisation.


Past, Present, and Future Issues in Documentation

Documentation of museum collections is at the core of every museum. It assists work at all levels: organizational decision-making, collection and exhibition management, research, education, publications, and access to collections. Ensuring proper management and availability of information further advances the public use of collections through scientific networking and the intercultural dialogues around the world. There is constant progress in the field of documentation, and today’s museums use a variety of tools from this evolutionary path. Standards, technical tools, and intellectual methods offer many advantages documentation practitioners.

This year we propose to look back at the evolution of documentation, so as to inform our analysis of current practice and to look into future innovative approaches and techniques.  This insight will allow a deeper understanding of the importance of documentation.

This year’s CIDOC conference aims to encourage active reviews and discussions on the topics below with a broad international focus. While illuminating the philosophy and activities of documentation officers, collection managers, registrars, conservators, curators, researchers, educators and all other stakeholders in documenting and preserving the cultural heritage. All professionals are invited to participate in the conference presenting their practices, reviews and approaches.

Conference topics:

  • How did museum documentation start in different places and how did it develop?
  • Cultural heritage documentation as knowledge management
  • Standards and their application in museum documentation
  • Documentation in excavation work
  • Working with multilingual tools to support museum work
  • Enabling cross-border, cross-sectoral networking of museum documentation to support research, education and presentation
  • Challenges of the 21st century – Inter-cultural dialogue supported by museum documentation
  • Implementing best practices in museum documentation