Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, has a very rich cultural and historical heritage. Among them are museums, the collections of which contain unique information regarding the introduction and study of cultural heritage of Georgia (and not only Georgia).  60 museums of various profiles (Art, history, memorial, literature and others) situated in Tbilisi makes possible for visitors to explore relevantly unique culture of the country. 


Georgian National Museum, Museum of Georgia   

Georgian National Museum, National Gallery 

Georgian National Museum, Museum of Art    

Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum  

Georgian National Museum, Open Air Museum of Ethnography 

Georgian National Museum, E. Akhvlediani House Museum 

Exhibition hall of Lado Gudiashvili Foundation 

State Museum of Theatre, Music, Cinema and Choreography of Georgia – Art Palace 

State Silk Museum 

Z. Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art

State Museum of Folk and Applied Art of Georgia 

G. Leonidze State Museum of Georgian Literature 

K. Kekelidze National Centre of Manuscripts