Practise of CRM-based Data Integration

Presenter: Martin Doerr, ICS Forth and Dominic Oldman, British Museum

This workshop will offer a hands-on introduction to the process of data integration from heterogeneous CH data sources.

Increasingly CH professionals working in the museum sector are faced with the challenge of bringing together a holistic view of the information available from different specialists and institutions with a field from multiple data sources, for the purposes of research or greater institutional knowledge sharing. Whether the goal is data integration for research or for intra- or inter-institutional data integration and harmonization, the skills necessary to plan and execute a data integration project are in demand.

Adopting the CIDOC CRM standard ontology, this workshop will present the overall workflow for a data integration project, highlighting the basic steps and the skills and tools needed to achieve this end. It will provide a high level picture of the data integration process, the CIDOC CRM as standard, how to plan and go about cleaning and mapping data.

For a focus, the workshop will concentrate on archaeological excavation data and how it can be mapped into a common expression using CIDOC CRM and its archaeological extension, CRMarchaeo.

While explaining the general picture of how to go about the data integration process, the workshop will also introduce participants to the basic use of practical software tools for realizing such a project

including: OpenRefine, the X3ML Toolkit, the WissKi and the ResearchSpace platform.