LIDO – Lightweight Information Describing Objects: Introduction & Update

Presenter: Regine Stein, chair CIDOC WG LIDO, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte – Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

Museums aim to provide information on their collection objects to many online services including those that are thematic, cross domain, regional, national and international. The LIDO XML harvesting schema has been developed to enable museums to participate in such initiatives in a standard way.

Being an application of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) it provides an explicit format to deliver museum’s object information, for use in a variety of online services, from an organization’s online collections database to portals of aggregated resources, as well as exposing, sharing and connecting data on the web. Its strength lies with its ability to represent the full range of descriptive information about museum objects. It can be used for all kinds of object, e.g. art, cultural, technology and natural science, and it supports multilingual environments.

This workshop offers a thorough introduction to the background, design principles and use of the LIDO format, including updates on latest LIDO advancements and recommendations. It also presents practical mapping exercises, and participants are invited to bring their own data examples for discussion.

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